Light Bulb Moments..... We've all had them, sudden flashes of inspiration and the realisation that the solution is staring us in the face.

``Light Up The Future`` for others by sharing what works.
I have done the due diligence for you so, to speak!

About Me ….Looking Back & Forward

It’s never an easy thing to write about yourself! So, here goes…I was brought up in the UK within a farming community. I have always had a passion for horses, livestock and vintage farming. Being associated with animals has given me a calm and patient nature. I love Nordic walking and spotting to Fungus photograph!

People buy people that’s true especially with today’s social media, you can’t be a faceless brand these days. That is something I have struggled with but I take comfort knowing I am not alone in that area! But, a website and a home on the internet is a must.

This true saying “Only Those That Adapt Survive” sums up quite nicely how my business life has changed over the years. When I first got the bug to do something for myself it was MAIL ORDER then the internet came along, I AM SELF TAUGHT and remember spending a whole day trying to sort out how to cut & paste! Ouch, that still hurts today!!

When my Lightbulb Moment presented itself my perspective changed and so did my outcomes. I worked on myself and got more in control of the negative, nagging part of my brain. Serving others has always been in my nature but generational business conditioning told me not to give good information or stuff away you could sell. However, the Universal Law of Attraction rewards those that give and the mindset-shift started me on my journey. I truly believe unless your work ON YOURSELF you cannot work FOR YOURSELF thinking this way certainly reduced the pressure and stress for me.

Today, I guide people just like YOU straight to things and products that work and that I use myself. So, if you’re looking for training to get you going online, have a business that needs traffic and a fresh approach in these crazy times. I can guide you

Health and Wellness – I have a passion for hydration 70% of people are dehydrated, many don’t drink water because of the taste. I have found a solution for that in the home and on-the-go. 

Bio-Hacking Ageing  – Everyone want this and it’s available naturally. I am keen to age healthily and without tooooo much hassle!!      


Now you have found me please stay in touch…………Julie:-)