Allergy Show – Our Bodies Are Struggling!

Allergy Show – Our Bodies Are Struggling!

The Allergy Show (2018) is on at the moment in London.

The reason I am aware of this is that one of my consultant colleagues has a stand promoting the benefits of 

Pure Drinking Water for the home and on-the-go, Natural Sleep System etc.

What has got me thinking is “The Allergy Show” was a top Hashtag on Twitter and Facebook was alive with posts, some I put out in support! The organisers felt demand was good enough to run for three days so this indicates big footfalls.

The supermarkets are giving more shelf space to Allergy-Free products together with Rural Farm Shops and even our Village Shop has a good selection of products.

So by now you must be getting the point I think this is BIG BUSINESS and basically, I am correct. In the 1960’s-70’s I cannot remember people being allergic to things in the same way they are today. Please do not feel I am unsympathetic in any way because my Mother had a thing about cheese and my sister was totally intolerant of eggs.

So this saying “progress comes at a price” indicates that our more modern way of living is affecting our health. The trouble is most people are not aware of this happening and would dispute it because it has crept up on us. A bit like the multiplication daily of a penny after a few years you end up with billions!

I have taken a good look at my own life and made some changes mostly in my buying habits but these have resulted in me feeling better. What I am saying I used to look but did not actually see or I went with the flow…..Today I LOOK and SEE and FEEL.

In my opinion, our bodies are a super machine and able to heal and repair if given the correct environment and good food (fuel) The chemical, toxic pollution and modified substances we either eat, live with at work or home are overloading our bodies and causing problems. they are struggling to cope, hence Allergies & disease.

I won’t mention Smart Meters – Mobile Phones – G5 and Oxidative Stress today!!

Turn the clock back in your mind “The Good Old Days” pick and choose as far as possible today and have awareness. Change comes with little choices that mount up just like pennies do:)

I wish you wellness……..Julie

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