Extraordinary Women

Extraordinary Women

“WARNING! This book can change your life…” “It’s my belief that everybody is capable of creating an extraordinary life for themselves.”

Gill Orsman is Creative Director and Owner of The Holistic Photographer. Gill gained international recognition through specialising in still life and fine art photography, which led to many varied commissions in the world of advertising, design, packaging, and publishing. She became a unique specialist in Flower Photography.

Her latest photography now encapsulates the ‘Beauty of Light’ – quite literally ‘Seeing the Unseen.’ She has been capturing orbs in her photographs since 2009 and is now raising the awareness for this virtually unknown phenomenon.

The other Extraordinary Women that include:

  • Nicola Whiting, COO, Titania, cybersecurity for global agencies including FBI, Downing Street; 48 industry awards.
  • Geeta Siddhu, founder, Nosh Drinks and Nosh Infusion Clinic, previously sold by UK supermarkets including Waitrose; many Hollywood clients including Gwyneth Paltrow and Simon Cowell.
  • Lisa Orme, founder Keys UK –  Financial Times Top 25 female financial advisors.
  • Hither Mann, CEO Fortune Academy currency trading academy; owned £30m property by age 25.
  • Noel Janis Norton – founder Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting Centre, author of 8 books, high-profile clients including Helena Bonham Carter.
  • Katie Godfrey, founder of KG Model Agency, KG Salons and KG Training Academy, 10 industry awards.
  • Tanya Rennick – founder of London’s iconic Oyster Club for CEOs and decision makers, adviser/speaker for House of Lords, European Parliament, Downing Street
  • Laura Spoelstra – founder, Egg Donor Matters; former Chief Exec for National Sperm Bank. 
  • Sarah McAllister – Director, The Feng Shui Agency Ltd.
  • Louise K. Shaw – The Body Whisperer.
  • Bernadette Ana Bruckner – founder, Health-in-All Mentoring in Vienna.


It has already resulted in three major life changes for the founding author 

Stephanie J Hale. This book reached No 1 Best Seller on Amazon when it was publicly launched on May 23rd, 2018

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