Prospecting – Eric Worre

Prospecting – Eric Worre

Eric Worre’s newsletter the other day reminded me of something I had written.


The science and integrity that goes into some of the major Network Marketing Company products have always attracted me…..But not always my friends:-((
Fortunately, I realised that the RaRa training and goal setting sessions at large seminars and company events were making me have highs and lows. I felt pressured to speak with exceptional amounts of people all most in a desperate fashion to achieve my goals. I thought I was working on people rather than working with people!

Do you ever sometimes feel like salespeople are circling you like sharks, just waiting to walk up and sell you something?

That is exactly how your prospects feel when you approach them about your opportunity without making a proper invitation. 

To find out what I mean by that, click here and read this article on how you can approach prospects without chasing them away.

Your Friend and Partner, Eric Worre

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